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WLA Crime Report for May 5th to 15th


ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon):     0


100 El Medio (Construction site) RD 0825

Between 05/07/15 at 1800 and 05/08/15 at 0700, unknown suspect(s) pried tool shed door and removed power tools.

12200 Paisley RD 0825

On 05/08/15, between 1135 and 1615, unknown suspect(s) smashed rear glass door and removed computers and a watch.


BFMV (Burglary and/or Theft from Motor Vehicle):                  2

12000 Goshen Ave RD 0831

Between 05/03/15 at 1700 and 1100 the next day, while parked in a subterranean garage, a purse and glasses were stolen.

1000 Bundy Ave RD 0831

On 05/04/15, between 0330 and 0530, while parked on the street, door forced open and cash, a laptop and phone were stolen


1300 Capri Dr. (residence, late report) RD 0803

On 04/29/15, at 0100 hours, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s backyard and removed the victim’s mounted TV valued at $5,000.00

11900 San Vicente (commercial) RD 0831

Between 05/06/15 and 05/07/15, an unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s office and broke the lock on the victim’s desk to remove victim’s property.  Computers and cash valued at $3,600.00

11600 Mayfield Ave (multi-unit parking garage) RD 0832

On 05/11/15, between 0726 and 0748, a male, 6′ tall, approx. 28 years old, entered the storage unit and removed a tool and tent valued at $280.00 from an unlocked storage unit in the parking garage.

12000 Goshen (apartment) RD 0831

On 05/12/15 at 0700, the suspect, who was hired by the victim to care for victim’s dog while victim was out of town, refused to return the dog to the victim when the victim returned from her trip. Yorkshire Terrier dog valued at $700.00

12000 Wilshire Blvd (commercial) RD 0831

On 05/12/15, at 1815, a male, black, 5’06” tall, 150 lbs, in his 30’s, concealed a dental guard valued at $69.48  in his waistband and exited store without paying.


Auto key fobs-those neat little devices that are becoming the standard for vehicle door locks allow drivers to walk up to their car and have it automatically unlock just by being in its proximity. Very cool– the problem is, that thieves have discovered that they can use power amplifiers which increase the range for which the car searches for its compatible fob.  So in a nutshell, you can be in your home, with your fob on your bureau, and the bad guy can use a power amplifier to increase the radius of the search (to within your residence) and when it recognizes it, it unlocks the car for the thief.  No broken windows, no suspicious noises, nothing unusual going on that would make someone suspect a car is being broken into or stolen.  The suspect simply walks up to your car and the lock unlocks.  It’s been suggested that the best way to prevent this from happening is to conceal your vehicle’s fob within a metal container of some sort which would block the power amplifier from connecting with it. The refrigerator or freezer seems to do the trick.  Just something to keep in mind.

Auto Detectives asked me to pass along a message regarding a recent crime trend in West LA.  Within the last few weeks, Grand Theft Auto suspects have taken advantage of folks, particularly those who live in multiunit residential complexes, who leave their own keys or the keys of roommates, inside their vehicles to make it easier to juggle the parking situation amongst multiple tenants.  Suspects sometimes are now sometimes taking two cars from one parking lot.  Please send out this information to your families, friends, tenants, neighbors, HOA boards, etc., advising them to immediately discontinue this risky practice.

All the best,

Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray
LAPD West Los Angeles Division

Decision of the City Planning Commission re Archer

Enclosed is the LA City Planning Commission decision on the Archer Forward project. Appeals are due by May 28th. Our Councilmember, Mike Bonin, is generally in favor of the project with some significant restrictions in place.

Here is the article that Brentwood News released this week:

“At a recent Planning Commission hearing held in Van Nuys, the Archer School’s expansion plans were approved – with many limitations – by a unanimous vote.

The next step in the approval process is the Planning and Land Use Management committee. From there, assuming it is approved, the expansion plans will be voted on by the full City Council. Councilman Mike Bonin is expected to give his blessing to the project.

After years of negotiations between Archer, the Councilman, Brentwood Homeowners Association (BHA), local residents who live close to the school, and the Brentwood Community Council (BCC), it appears only a few minor issues remain to be pinned down, and nobody expects any issues to get in the way.

As a result of discussions, Archer will be able to expand its all-girls campus on Sunset, but not to the extent originally requested. It is possible school related traffic will actually go down somewhat, based on concessions made by the school.

Most agree the school already set a very high standard for traffic management; Bonin says he wants to use the Archer example and set similarly high standards for traffic to other schools in the area. School construction work will now take place over three years instead of the originally planned five years.”CITY PLANNING COMMISSION Determination_05_13_2015_sm

WLA Crime Report for Apr. 22nd – May 4th

ROBBERY:            0            

ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon):            0

BURGLARY:            13

100 N Carmelina, RD 0812 (Construction site)

Between 04/21/15 at 4:00 pm and 04/22/15 at 7:00 am, unknown suspect(s) entered via unlocked door and removed power tools.

400 Cliffwood, RD 0825

Between 04/22/15 at 5:00 pm and 04/24/15 at 8:00 pm, unknown suspect(s) entered via side doggy door and removed jewelry.

11900 Goshen #, RD 0831

On 04/22/15 at 1345 suspect entered apartment via unlocked balcony slider. Suspect fled when victim screamed. Suspect not observed.

1100 Iliff, RD 0802 (Construction site)

Between 04/24/15 at 6:00 pm and 04/27/15 at 12:00 pm, unknown suspect(s) pried rear wall plywood cover and removed jewelry.

12400 Sunset, RD 0825

Between 04/25/15 at 6:30 pm and 04/26/15 at 2:30 am, unknown suspect(s) smashed rear door window, opened door from inside and removed jewelry

11800 Mayfield, RD 0832

On 04/25/15 at 2:40 am, the below suspect(s) pried apartment building front door and burglarized a condo (also committed (2) car break ins and (2) stolen vehicles).

  • Male Hispanic, 5’08” 170 lbs, 25/35 years old
  • Female White, blond hair, 5’06”, 130 lbs, 25/35 years old

100 Anita, RD 0825 (Construction site)

On 04/26/15, between 0910 and 1630 suspect(s) unzipped exterior tarp and kicked rear interior door and removed jewelry

12400 San Vicente RD 0825

On 04/28/15 between 0800 and 2245 unknown suspect(s) smashed rear glass door and removed high-end watches.

900 Bundy RD 0831

MO: Bet 04/29/15 at 1600 and 04/30/15 at 0615 suspect(s) removed two bicycles from unlocked rear guest house.

1300 San Remo RD 803

On 04/29/15 bet 1830 and 1950 suspect(s) smashed side window and removed jewelry.

12700 Bristol RD 0812

On 04/30/15 between 1515 and 1745 unknown suspect(s) forced rear door and removed unknown property.

300 Gretna Green RD 0826

On 05/01/15 between 1340 and 1415 unknown suspect(s) entered via unlocked rear bedroom window and removed watch.

500 Avondale # RD 0831

On 05/03/15 between 1130 and 1200 suspect(s) forced bedroom side window and removed a knife. Suspect not observed. Read more

National Public Gardens Day at the Getty Museum


Day includes special tours and a gift with purchase at the Getty Center

LOS ANGELES-The Getty joins the annual celebration of National Public Gardens Day on Friday, May 8. Sponsored by the American Public Gardens Association (APGA), National Public Gardens Day helps raise awareness of the botanic gardens, arboreta, conservatories and public gardens across the country. 

At the Getty Center, special National Public Gardens Day Tours will be led by Getty Gardens Supervisor Michael DeHart, who will give a tour of the Getty Center’s Central Garden at 10:30 a.m. and again at 1:00 p.m.

The Museum Store at the Getty Center will offer a gift with a purchase of $50 or more. The gift will be the popular souvenir boxed set of two Seeing the Getty books, containing photographs of the architecture and gardens at the Getty Center.

Help celebrate public gardens and get a jump on Mothers’ Day at National Public Gardens Day at the Getty on Friday, May 8. Admission and tours are free. Parking is $15 per car. For more information, call (310) 440-7300 or visit

Julie Newmar to give public a look at her Brentwood garden


[Excerpt] In a career that has stretched lithely across seven decades, Julie Newmar, the early blooming classical pianist and dancer who grew up to be TV’s first feloniously feline Catwoman, has earned a Tony Award for her first speaking role on Broadway and received two U.S. patents for pantyhose and brassiere designs. But on Sunday, as guests prowl through her florid Brentwood grounds during the Garden Conservancy’s Los Angeles Open Day tour, Newmar will receive accolades that are much closer to her heart.

“Being part of this tour is the Oscar of all garden shows,” she says. “I live in paradise, and everyday I get to experience the ecstasy and choreography of nature. It is nonstop art, and I am happy to share it.”

It is an encore for Newmar, who opened her garden to visitors in 2011 for the nationwide program, which includes tours of four other Los Angeles properties.

“I’ve been told that my garden is one of the most popular because it’s the most personal,” says Newmar, who has spent the last 30 years cultivating the grounds that surround her 2,000-square-foot bungalow. Shrouded by fruit trees and towering Australian ferns — a soft and feathery alternative to palms — the garden is a touchstone that connects the men in her life.

Read Full Article Here

Mansionization Community Meeting

Mansionization MeetingThe City Council took action recently to curb the proliferation of “mansionization” in Los Angeles. The Council directed the Planning Department to begin revising citywide rules, known as the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance (BMO), which govern the amount of residential floor area that can be developed on a single-family lot. At the same time, the Council recommended immediate – but temporary – restrictions in certain specific neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, including Mar Vista, the Kentwood section of Westchester, and parts of Venice east of Lincoln Boulevard.

“This is a very controversial item, and I’ve heard from many of you on both sides of this issue,” Mike said. “On the one hand, long-time residents and homeowners who cherish and value their neighborhoods are upset when existing houses are demolished to make way for large structures, often out of proportion with the rest of the block and out of sync with the neighborhood’s character. On the other hand, some property owners feel such rules diminish their property values by preventing them from building suitable homes for their growing families or by restricting their investment or their right to build as they see fit on their property. I hope that everyone who feels strongly about this issue will take the time to complete the quick survey and let me know what they think.”

Mike hosted a community meeting on April 27 to gather input from neighbors affected by the ICO. More than 100 people attended the meeting and provided valuable feedback. There will continue to be extensive outreach we revise city rules regarding mansionization – please fill out this online survey to register your input.

The First Weeks of California Incline Project

Our neighboring City of Santa Monica closed the California Incline – the artery off Pacific Coast Highway that connects to Santa Monica – at 5 a.m. on Monday, April 20 so work can be done to upgrade the bridge to meet modern seismic standards.

During the year-long closure, City of Santa Monica officials encourage drivers going between Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica to use the Moomat Ahiko Way ramp south of the pier or the 10 freeway, which connects to PCH. For more detailed detour routes, see the map above (thank you to the Palisadian Post for the helpful graphic)

Cal Incline Detours

Memorial Service for Mickey Bodek

A longtime resident of the Park, Mickey Bodek, passed away early Sunday morning. Mickey’s memorial service will be held at 3pm on Sunday May 3rd at Hillside Memorial Park at 6001 W. Centinela Blvd, Culver City. Hillside is off the 405 as you drive towards LAX.

There will be a celebration of Mickey’s life following the memorial. It will be held at her daughter’s home at 340 S. Lucerne in Hancock Park. Further details will be available at the memorial service.

The Plan to Bring Nature Back to the Los Angeles River

LA River Revitalized

[Excerpt] On the western side of the San Fernando Valley, behind the bleachers of Canoga Park High School, two concrete drainage ditches merge. Here in parched Southern California, barely a trickle runs through these channels. Most days it’s more like a sheen of greenish moisture, a puddle filtering across clumped leaves and other debris. Yet this forlorn speck of infrastructure marks a literal and figurative watershed for greater Los Angeles. It’s here that two tributaries, the Arroyo Calabasas and Bell Creek, join to become the Los Angeles River. And that river, a long-neglected wasteland, is about to become an urban oasis: a linear, riparian Central Park.

First flowing east, the river turns right at Griffith Park and heads south past Glendale and downtown, crosses Lynwood and Compton, and empties into the Pacific Ocean at Long Beach. But for much of the waterway’s 51 miles, it is little more than an open storm drain. Once, fed by a groundwater basin in the valley that bubbled up near present-day Encino, the river nourished a lush coastal plain. It was the sole source of drinking water for the young city and for the orchards that lured hordes of settlers. It could also be a total bastard. The meandering, seasonal stream morphed into a roiling deluge during rainstorms. Catastrophic floods in the 1800s leveled buildings, toppled railroad bridges, and swept away residents. California embarked on complex flood control measures. But the river always fought back.

Read the Entire Article Here

Like Nepal, SoCal will have a major quake; how we prepare now will determine our recovery: Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones, USGS seismologist based at Caltech has penned an article in the Los Angeles Daily News about Socal’s need to be prepared for a significant earthquake such as the one that just struck Nepal.  Lucy is the “go-to” person whenever an earthquake strikes California. This is an interesting read.

[Excerpt] Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal was a horrible tragedy. While no one could predict exactly when the earthquake was going to happen, science did show it would happen at some point.

The quake occurred on the Main Frontal Thrust of the Himalayas, the most active fault in the boundary between the Indian and Asian plates, and the reason the dramatic mountains are still rising. Similar earthquakes have happened in the past and the theory of plate tectonics explains why these earthquakes will continue in the future. We face the same hazard here in Southern California: we will have a large earthquake on par with the one in Nepal, we just don’t know exactly when.

Because Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu sits directly above the fault, science showed us that in addition to the large magnitude of the quake, we should also expect the high level of shaking that has occurred.

So, what did we do with this knowledge and what more can we do in the future?

Read Full Article Here

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