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A Safe Place For Kids To Play

From Brentwood Community Council President, Larry Watts:

Parks Video

As many of you know, I’ve been very active over the past several years helping People for Parks open Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) school yards in economically deprived and park poor neighborhoods of the city. We want kids to have a safe place to play during after school hours and on weekends. There are two basic parts to getting schools open. First, reaching out to the LAUSD and convincing them that a particular school is ready to open as a Community School Park. This might seem to be a no-brainer, but as we know from our experience at Brentwood Green, often some administrators, while paying lip service to the concept, seem to think of reasons not to do this. Fortunately, as more and more school principals experience the benefits of a Community School Park, we have been able to convince district officials to go along. The attached video is of Rosa Trujillo, principal of Barendo Middle School. She is really behind the CSP concept and makes our job easier. But we still must spend a great deal of time selling many administrators on the benefits of CSP’s not only to the kids and families who use them, but to LAUSD itself from the goodwill they generate.

Once we succeed in convincing the district that a school should be opened, it’s up to us to raise the money to actually open a Community School Park. This is the part where you can help us. We are a very small organization trying to accomplish a lot. But the good news is that even relatively small amounts money can accomplish incredible results. Our current goal of raising $24,000 over the next thirty days will enable us to open two more Community School Parks before the end of 2015, in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles: Berendo Middle School and Leo Politi Elementary School.  These are schools located in high-density neighborhoods, whose families and communities are eager to access their school playgrounds and gardens on Saturdays, as this is the only opportunity their children have for safe outdoor play.

We’ve just started our late summer/fall fund drive.  We’ve partnered with the National Recreation and Park Association and are hopeful this will broaden our outreach.  Even small donations mean a lot as more people participate.. Thanks, Larry

Please click this link to learn more and


WLA Crime Report for July 3rd – July 15th

ROBBERY:         0

ASSAULT OR ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon):         2

12300 Wilshire Blvd

On 7/16/15, at 1530, the victim and the suspect (who are co-workers and know one another) argued and then fought. The suspect placed the victim in a choke hold and the victim could not breathe and was losing consciousness. The other workers broke up the fight.


On 8/4/15, at 1245, the victim and witness, who are DOT workers, were working on a street maintenance project. The suspect approached the victim and honked her horn and demanded that the victim move out of the way. The victim advised the suspect that he just needed a moment to complete his job. The suspect stated that she had to get to work and struck the victim with her vehicle in his knees causing him to lose his balance. The witness and victim called out to her to stop and wait for the police. The suspect looked back at the victim and witness and drove away.

Suspect: Female, White

BURGLARY:         8

500 Moreno Ave

On 07/15/15 at 1600, unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s residence by smashing the rear glass door and ransacked location. Unknown if there’s property loss.

500 26th St

On 07/16/15, between 1120 and 1630, unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s open front door, removed property, and fled from location. Victim was distracted by another suspect (Male White, white pick-up truck) who advised her he was doing construction to the rear of her home.

1000 Ravoli Dr

On 07/17/15 between 1845-1600, unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s residence through the unlocked rear door, removed property from her purse (cash, jewelry, credit cards), and fled.

700 N Kenter Ave (construction site)

Between 07/20/15 at 1700, and 07/21/15 at 0545, unknown suspect(s) entered the construction site through the front door after cutting the lock off a padlock. They removed tools and fled from the location.

1000 N Kenter Ave

Between 7/20/15 at 1200 and 7/23/15 at 1600, unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s residence through unlocked front door, removed property and fled through the front door.

1100 Amherst Ave #

On 07/28/15, between 1500 and 1800, unknown suspect(s) entered the apartment by prying open the front door and removed a purse and jewelry valued at $3,260.00

16400 Park Ln Cir,

On 07/31/15 between 1800-2300, unknown suspects entered the victim’s residence by smashing the rear glass door, removed property (cash), and fled.

11900 Currituck Dr (construction site)

Between 08/03/15 at 1530 to 08/04/15 at 0600 hours, unknown suspect(s) entered the construction site by prying open the side door to the trailer and removed a compressor valued at $1,500. Read more

Boxer, Feinstein and Lieu back plan to move homeless vets to VA campus

[Excerpt from LA Times]

California’s two U.S. senators will propose legislation Thursday that would move some of the thousands of veterans living in makeshift encampments across the region into housing at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ campus in West Los Angeles.

The move comes as Southern California is seeing an increase in the homeless population in downtown Los Angeles and other parts of the region. A count released earlier this year by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority found a 12% jumpin the overall homeless ranks and a 6% rise among homeless veterans.

In a letter to the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) said the legislation would grant the VA the authority to enter into leases with local governments and nonprofit groups to provide veterans with shelter supplemented by medical and other services.

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Getty Wine and Cheese Reception for New Exhibit

The Getty invites Brentwood neighbors to enjoy a wine and cheese reception and viewing of their newest exhibition, Power and Pathos, on August 23rd. Check out the attached document for details.

Getty Event_Pathos

One of the Strangest Westside Stories…Ever

Here’s the headline:

Dead Man Found With 1,200 Guns Claimed To Have Been Secret Alien Agent

[Excerpt from]

In an X-Files-worthy twist, the man found dead last week with a massive hoard of weaponsclaimed to be an alien/human hybrid working with a secret government agency.

The decomposing body of Jeffery Lash was found along with a stash of over 1,200 guns in his Pacific Palisades home on July 17. And now it’s been discovered that Lash’s fiancée, Catherine Nebron, and Nebron’s employee Dawn VadBunker, reportedly believed Lash to be an alien savior working an unnamed government agencies, according to KTLA. Vadbunker was also reported missing until last week when she was located in Oregon.

Nebron and VadBunker reportedly left Lash’s body in the SUV after he collapsed in the parking lot of a Bristol Farms in Santa Monica on July 4. Nebron didn’t report the death to authorities because she believed that the secret agencies he worked for would come to collect him. She then left for Oregon with VadBunker. VadBunker’s mother tells KTLA that her daughter, who has still not returned from Oregon, was convinced that Lash was not entirely human: “He [said he] was part alien and part human and was out to save the world.”

Read the Full Article Here

L.A.’s Most Famous Streets When They Were Still Dirt

Sunset and Gower - 1907

Sunset and Gower – 1907

KCET.Org has a wonderful photo post on Los Angeles at the turn of the century when all the roads in our city were still dirt.  There are some fantastic action photos of the automobile races in Santa Monica in 1910.  Current landmarks can be identified in the 100 year old landscapes.  Fascinating.  Check out the post here.  L.A. Most Famous Streets When They Were Dirt  Most of the images are courtesy of the USC Digital Library, which has a website to browse. USC Digital Library

WLA Crime Report for July 3rd – July 15th

ASSAULT OR ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon): 2

11900 Wilshire (clothing store parking lot)
On 07/07/15, at 1030, the suspect pushed the victim to the elevator floor and put a box cutter to her throat and attempted to remove her pants. Victim was able to escape and fled. The suspect was immediately located and taken into custody without incident

12000 Benmore Terrace
On 7/11/15, at 1310, the victims and the suspect, who all know one another and have had an ongoing dispute, became involved in an argument. The suspect and victim 1 argued and during the course of the argument the suspect armed herself with a machete. Victim 1 retreated. Victim 2, hearing the commotion, exited the residence and began to videotape the confrontation. The suspect then turned towards victim 2 and pointed the machete at him. Both victims fled inside the residence and called the police. The police responded and arrested the suspect.


12200 Shetland Ln (construction)
Between 07/03/15, at 1630, to 07/06/15, at 0730, unknown suspect(s) entered the location by breaking the lock box on the front door and using the key to enter through the same door to the construction site and took power tools and a T.V valued at $1,700.00

11700 Gorham Ave
On 07/03/15, between 0400 and 0500, two unknown suspects entered the underground apartment garage by prying the rear door and removed a bicycle that appears to have been unsecured. Suspects also cut the locks of other bicycles at the location but did not take them because they were double locked. Suspects appear to be in their late teens, early 20’s.

BFMV (Burglary and/or Theft from Motor Vehicle): 8

11600 Chenault
On 06/30/15, between 1800 and 0630 the next day, while parked in an apartment parking garage, a GPS, vehicle registration and clothing were stolen.

11600 Chenault
On 07/04/15, between 2340 and 1230 the next day, while parked in a parking lot, the window was smashed and an I-phone was stolen.

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The Day The Beatles came to Brentwood Park

1.-Bonnie-Cowan-with-the-Bealtles-850x640[Excerpt from Los Angeles Magazine]

The garden party was planned for August 24, 1964, the day after the Beatles performed at the Hollywood Bowl in front of thousands of screaming fans. Alan Livingston was president of Capitol Records and had signed the Beatles that same year. Livingston was married to Sunset Boulevard actress Nancy Olson, and Nancy’s mother offered to host a fund-raiser for a hemophilia charity at her home. All Warren Cowan had to do was invite his roster of clients and the event would be crawling with celebrities and their offspring.

On the day of the event, guests paid $100 each to bring their kids to see the Beatles; kids got in for $25 a head.

– Read more at:

Archer Forward City Council Meeting This Tuesday

The Archer School expansion project is set to go before another City Planning committee for approval this Tuesday. The BPPOA Board of Directors supports the position taken by many of the Brentwood neighborhood associations, who have appealed the previous decision, believing it was too concessionary and not in line with the realities of potential impacts on our community.

The Board requests that you lend your voice in support of a more reasonable project. The compromise includes most of the facility and event upgrades the school requested and is supported by Councilman Bonin and the neighbors. Please click the link below to send an email and don’t forget to add your name and address to the newly created email.

Click Here To Send Email

Last time, there was a historic response and helped support the Councilman’s efforts to restrict traffic and construction impacts. This is Round 2 of 3 and without you, our voice will not be heard. Please feel free to forward this email to neighbors.  Everyone counts!

SoCal Gas to Upgrade Your Gas Meters

Southern California Gas Company is upgrading its system by adding an Advanced Meter communication device (Advanced Meter) to all of Brentwood Park. The Advanced Meter will read and transmit your natural gas usage to SoCal Gas’s customer service and billing center without the need of a meter reader.

With this upgrade, you will have access to more frequent and detailed information about your gas consumption at, enabling you with better control of your energy usage and the potential to save money.

SoCal Gas Meter Upgrade Overview

Advanced Meter Overview


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