President’s Report 2017

  • Safety continues to be the number one problem in Brentwood Park. Thieves seen  on security cameras during the night wearing  black hoods ,face guards, gloves, climb fences, are bold and even open cars parked in driveways behind closed gates. With only a single police car from the 405 to Malibu to protect the residents of the Park, the BPPOA spends over 80% of dues for ACS patrol service 24 hrs/7 day.
  • Maintaining the beauty of the Park is high priority.  Tax-deductible donations to the BBPOA  Beautification Fund, California Community Foundation, 445 South Figueroa, Suite 3400, Los Angeles, CA 90071  pay for spraying of trees to prevent fungus and other diseases, care of coral trees on Findlater Circle, and pear trees on the north side of San Vicente.
  • A most pressing problem continues to be some developers who cut and clear very large and mature trees to build large houses.  The most recent problem is the lack of maintenance of the six Medians/Circles in the Park by the City which did not renew a landscape contract for medians throughout the City.


The Anawalt Traffic Island/Circle Dedication Ceremony occurred on May 13, 2017.


Many years ago there was a very large intersection at the corner of Hanover and Rockingham. The owners of the North East corner property petitioned the city to take over a portion of the road to attach to their property. Despite objections from Brentwood Park the city allowed them to take over part of the roadway and what you can now see is artificial turf in the area that used to be part of the road. We recognized that there was one large intersection left in the Park which was at the corner of Avondale and Hanover. It would have been very easy for the two houses on the north corners to ask the city also to attach property and end up having the intersection be a tiny intersection such as Avondale and Evanston. We developed a good relationship with the Department of Transportation and requested that they consider putting a traffic circle in the intersection of Avondale and Hanover. They agreed and drew up preliminary plans for a circle to be put in that intersection. However, some members of the Board wanted a private consultant to evaluate the situation and draw up the circle plans. After almost a year delay, the consultant came to look at the intersection and discuss the issues. After another long delay with no response from the consultant we were notified that he had died. By this time, it was 2007 and the city had run out of money because of the financial disasters going on at the time. They no longer were willing to fund the circle but were willing to put up stop signs and painted triangles to maintain the large intersection. Then in 2013 Patty Anawalt decided to dedicate the Circle to her beloved husband Richard. However Patty fell ill a year ago and passed away rather suddenly. Her sons and daughter graciously agreed to fund the circle in honor of their parents’ long residence and love of walking the Park. Annette and Tom took over the responsibility of getting Plans prepared, approved by the city, and constructing the circle. Brentwood Park now has a preserved large intersection and another beautifully landscaped circle. Anita and larry miller

  • We want to thank Anita Miller and Dr. Larry Miller for their many years of service on the Board of Directors. See earlier Post honoring the Millers for their many years of service to Brentwood Park.
  • Chairs of the six standing committees (Communication/Membership, Film, Land Use, Security, Traffic, and Tree) invite you to volunteer your talents toward  making the Park one of the best places to live in California, and many of us would say the world. Scientific evidence demonstrates that giving makes one “feel good”. Use this therapeutic treatment and join your volunteer Board of Directors in feeling good.

Dr. Lawrence and Anita Miller Stepping Away from the Board of Directors


Larry and Anita Miller have served on the Board of Directors of the Brentwood Park property owners Association for many years. Larry also served for several years as co-president. They moved into the Park on Burlingame Avenue in the spring of 1977. Larry worked as a physician specializing in rehabilitation and geriatrics both at UCLA where he is a clinical professor of medicine and at a large rehabilitation center in the Valley. Anita was busy taking care of six children.

In addition to many accomplishments that they made while members of the Board they were concerned about issues before even joining. After a few years of living on Burlingame they noticed a high rate of car accidents on the corner of Burlingame and Sunset. At that time, there was no traffic light. They worked with the city to put in the traffic light. The next thing they noticed was that there are was no way to walk on Sunset Boulevard between Mandeville Canyon and Cliffwood. They worked with the Council office and had the city install the sidewalk.

In the in the late 1980s a new house was built on Burlingame Avenue and the owners started having frequent movie shoots. All the large movie trucks that we now see on San Vicente were being parked in the Park. Larry joined the film committee and had meetings with the city and film LA. He developed guidelines for movie shooting in the Park. They started the custom of asking the companies doing film shoots to make contributions to Brentwood Park beautification fund. The film companies were required to work closely with the film chair to minimize the impact on the neighbors. Read more

Facts About Brentwood School’s Expansion Plans: A Call to Action

This informative presentation is from the Brentwood Community Council: bws-feir-facts-final

Please review and write an email to the Hearing Officer prior to the Oct 6 hearing. It’s less than 2 weeks away!! Details on how to craft a letter are included inside the deck. Personal letters from you are appreciated. This is all public information.

The BPPOA Board

Preserve LA: Learn More About The Movement

L.A.’s planning system is broken. The process is controlled by deep-pocketed developers and powerful politicians to serve their own self-interests. This rigged system pushes forward luxury mega-projects that cause traffic gridlock, the destruction of neighborhood character, and the displacement of longtime residents, including senior citizens on fixed budgets.

The Coalition to Preserve L.A. and its supporters are saying no more. We believe that the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is our best hope to ensure that local residents have greater voice in how their communities grow and develop by enacting the following reforms.

This citizen initiative will:

  • Preserve neighborhoods by preventing developers from building as big and dense as they want, no matter how much this harms the community
  • Make the City Council do its job, by creating a rational citywide plan for Los Angeles, called a General Plan, with updated Community Plans tied directly to infrastructure limitations, true population figures and community desires
  • Make city officials prove that each community has enough water, good roads and safety services to handle changes along transit lines and other streets being planned by City Hall
  • Institute a protective 2-year timeout that stops the Los Angeles City Council from its current practice of spot zoning – bending the rules to approve mega-projects and inappropriate development that destroys neighborhood character and displaces longtime residents and businesses. This timeout doesn’t stop development that adheres to zoning, nor does it affect downzoning, for such things as parks. It affects only OVERdevelopment, not Development
  • Protect affordable housing projects by exempting those developments from the 2-year timeout
  • Bans developers from writing their own self-serving “Environmental Impact” reports, an obvious conflict of interest that is used against communities as an unfair tool of overdevelopment

We are not opposed to growth and change; we understand that these are inevitable. But what’s not inevitable is reckless and irresponsible development by a handful of politically connected developers and their army of lobbyists, attorneys and PR consultants.

We believe in development that is responsible and respects the priorities and values of local residents and we urge you to support the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative when it appears on the ballot in March 2017.

Preserve LA FAQ

PreserveLA Letter to Mayor Garcetti






July Public Safety Update

Video Cameras Resulted in More Arrests Last Month

A team of 4 thieves who focused on cutting catalytic converters from underneath cars were arrested in Brentwood in late June after home security video cameras caught them in the act. It took only 90 seconds for them to crawl under a vehicle, cut converter and leave the scene. Each converter retails for $1200-2000 each.

The LAPD recommends Prius owners to buy a catalytic converter cover, as those cars were targeted.

New Homeless Habitat/Encampment City Law on Books:

MC5611 was recently passed by the City Council and changes the primary City intervention department for homeless encampments from the LAPD to the Sanitation Department. This circumvents the multiple injunctions against the LAPD regarding interacting with the homeless. Now, the process will entail posting notices 2 days before the Sanitation Department is set to clean up a specific encampment. The homeless are allowed to keep 60 gal of personal belongings. Anything else on public or trespassed property will be thrown away by sanitation department. Resisting the process can result in arrest.

The first use of this process was Monday, May 27 at the Ohio & Cotner intersection. All homeless left the area as directed and it was cleaned up. The LAPD offered shelter information and other social services, all of which was declined.

Misdemeanor Diversion Program

The City Attorney of Los Angeles has agreed to provide all non-violent misdemeanor offenders with an option for diversion and restitution before being charged with a crime. Early results show a decrease is recidivism with this program and it has been rolled out to 6 locations throughout the City.

Overall crime stats are down for Brentwood. Reminder to lock windows and doors in hot weather and please do not leave anything visible in your car.


Food Forward: Harvest Food, Fight Hunger, Build Community

From our neighbor:

Hi Everyone! I’m Susan Wilking Horan – aka Susan Fleischer – married to Mark Fleischer. We’re your neighbors at 169 S. Rockingham. I want to bring your attention to an organization with which I am involved called Food Forward.

foodforward2Now, this wonderful non-profit group has the sole purpose of sending volunteer pickers to properties all over Los Angeles to collect the unused fruit on privately and publicly owned trees. They then box the fruit on site and immediately deliver it to Food Banks and Shelters all over Los Angeles to feed the hungry.

If you have a fruit tree or two that may be in need of attention – and you would like to donate that fruit to a terrific cause – please let us know! The process is easy. All you have to do is call me at 310-395-6142 or email Alan Finkel at [email protected] Then we’ll get the ball rolling and do the rest. This is how it works:

  1. You contact Alan or me at the above numbers/email.
  2. I will come to your property personally to assess how many trees you have and how much fruit needs to be picked.
  3. I will then contact Food Forward. They will determine how many pickers will be needed for the job.
  4. At your convenience, Food Forward will send 2-6 pickers to your property. They will bring their own equipment. The job is typically completed in 1-2 hours.
  5. The fruit is boxed by the pickers on site.
  6. Any loose leaves or branches will be cleaned up and placed in your green recycle bin.
  7. The boxed fruit is delivered the same day to one of over 300 organizations in Los Angeles with whom Food Forward partners. These include the Kitchen Lab, Foothill Unity Center, Seeds of Hope and several Food Banks who distribute the produce to the homeless and needy.
  8. There is no cost to you AND you can claim a deduction for your donation.

Most of us in California have fruit trees – and many of us just don’t use it all. So, please consider donating your excess fruit to this wonderful organization. There are many hungry people in Los Angeles and your donation would go a long way to helping those in need. And, it’s good for the trees!

Thank you Brentwood Park! Thank you all for your time and attention to this important matter. And, thank you in advance for your participation!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sending our best, Susan & Alan


  • FRUIT FOR THOUGHT: Did you know that it takes twice as long to pick a tangerine tree than any other fruit tree? This is because the rind of a tangerine is very susceptible to tearing and ripping. And, once the rind is open, the fruit will spoil and cannot be shipped. Each tangerine must be carefully picked and cut from the tree by hand. No fruit picking poles can be used. ☺

Brentwood Park Property Owners Association

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