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Regarding burglaries… from LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Maria Gray

Again, this reminder… Please keep in mind that if there was ever a time to evaluate your home and modernize it in terms of security and lighting, it’s now. I don’t have to tell you that crime is up in Los Angeles. And for areas like Brentwood, property crime is our Achilles’ heel. This is particularly true if your home has an alley running behind it and/or your home is in relative close proximity to a major thoroughfare – such as Sunset Blvd, Bundy, Wilshire, the 405 freeway, etc.

So take the time to give your home a hard ‘once over’ through the eyes of a bad guy (or gal). Would you find it relatively easy to access your side yards or gates? How easy is it to get to the back of your home or to a window where no one can see what’s going on? Are those privacy bushes/fences actually affording a hiding place for burglars to break into your windows? Is their signage letting people know they are under surveillance? (even if they actually aren’t, it serves as a deterrent).

And look at it during different times of the day and night. Does it have sufficient lighting? Sensor lights should click on the moment someone steps onto your property and stay on for a sufficient amount of time. They should also be situated in such a way that does not allow for any dark areas for criminals to hide.

I would also want to know the minute anyone steps onto my property. There are simple and affordable camera systems nowadays that can do just that and alert your Smart phone immediately whenever anyone is on your lawn, walkway, porch, etc. It will also give you surveillance footage of whoever triggered the camera. is an example of one. If they actually ring your doorbell in an attempt to use the ‘knock knock’ method of burglary, you can answer immediately, even if you’re not at home. And FYI, it also helps in finding out who in the neighborhood is letting their dog poop on your lawn!

When you’re gone, can they hear anything that would indicate someone is home? I’ll say it again and again, I never had an issue living in a relatively high crime area when I left a stereo or TV on in my home each and every time I left.

Look at the cars parked on your street every time you step out. Are you familiar with them as your neighbor’s cars? Or is one perhaps a rental car (as evidenced by the license plate frame and/or bar code stickers in the windows?) Rental cars are commonly used by burglars to ‘fit in’ to a neighborhood and attract less suspicion. Jot down a license plate number and description. Pay attention.

When you leave your home, do you look to see if anyone is sitting in a parked car near your home? If you see a stranger in your neighborhood watching you as you’re leaving, feel free to wave back at the house, or holler a goodbye along with a “Don’t forget to feed the dogs’ even if no one is home. If you do see someone suspicious in the neighborhood that may be a good time to get the hose and water your lawn and simply watch (abiding by restrictions, of course). Feel free to stare, to look, TO WATCH!

Have you taught your children and home staff what to do? What not to do? Is there a regular routine of going around the house closing and locking windows and doors each and every time before leaving—even if it’s just a quick trip to the market?

Do you know your neighbors and vice versa? You don’t necessarily have to like them. But since we’re all in this together it helps to have some sort of relationship with your neighbors in order to look out for each other. It benefits us all to be cohesive and connected. Let’s buckle down.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

All the best,

Maria Gray
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station 1663 Butler Ave
Los Angeles, Ca. 90025
Office: 310-444-0744

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WLA Crime Report for Dec. 29th to Jan. 11th

ASSAULT OR ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon): 0 BURGLARY: 5

11900 Gorham
On 12/30/15, unknown suspect(s) entered victim’s locked and secured apartment building and removed mail.

3000 Elvido Drive (attempt only)
On 12/30/15 at 1740, suspects parked in front of the residence and two suspects exit while a third stays in the vehicle. The two suspects access the backyard and then into the house but are scared off when the victim’s daughter gets home. Surveillance cameras catch the act. Suspects are described as two Male/Blacks, average height/weight, 20 to 40 years old, wearing hoodies, in a 4 door sedan (no further description of vehicle or third suspect/driver)

200 Acari Drive
Between 01/03/16 and 01/05/16, unknown suspect(s) smashed 2nd story side door window and accessed house. Suspects removed currency and fled.

11900 San Vicente Blvd (commercial)
Between 01/06/16 and 01/07/16, unknown suspect(s) entered storage room by prying door and removed cleaning supplies/equipment valued at $6,700.00

900 S. Bundy
On 01/07/16, between 1100 and 1830, unknown suspect(s) entered victim’s residence through a kitchen window, ransacked location and removed victim’s property valued at $110,000.


300 Bowling Green Way
On 12/31/15, between 0645 and 0800, while parked in a driveway, a 2004 Honda Civic was stolen.

BFMV (Burglary and/or Theft from Motor Vehicle): 2

Between 12/29/15 and 12/30/15, while parked on the street, unknown suspect(s) smashed vehicle window and removed glasses and baseballs valued at $1,240.00

On 01/03/16, between 1500 and 1510, the victim parked and secured her vehicle in a commercial lot. Unknown suspect(s) removed victim’s vehicle rims valued at $500.00


11900 San Vicente Blvd (commercial)
Between 11/27/15 and 12/31/15, the suspect, an employee, took personal and financial information related to clients.

11920 San Vicente Blvd (commercial)
On 01/02/16 at 1840, the suspect (Male/Black, 30 to 40 years of age), walked into a business, removed a jacket from the rack, left with the jacket and then tried to return it a few moments later.

13060 San Vicente Blvd (commercial)
01/07/16, at 0100, the suspects, working together, opened an ATM card reader and removed card reader from the tray resulting in a $1,500.00 loss.

11600 Gorham (residential)
Between 01/08/16 and 01/09/16, unknown suspect(s) took a bicycle valued at $320.00 that was locked to a pipe.

11900 Gorham (residential)
01/10/16, between 1130 and 1400, unknown suspect(s) entered garage, cut bike lock and fled with a bicycle valued at $600.00


Some folks may remember me mentioning an incident that occurred back in October, 2015, on the 100 block of South Saltair Avenue that involved an armed gunman confronting an elderly victim in her home as she exited the bathroom. If you recall, this brave woman told the suspect to get out of there—and he did! This is not something that I would always recommend… but thankfully for her, it worked out well in this case. Our outstanding detectives were able to identify the suspect from evidence collected at the scene. They located and arrested him on Wednesday, January 6th! These types of arrests are the most gratifying for officers—getting someone like this off the street that had victimized an elderly woman alone, in her own home. But I must say that I have met this woman and there is nothing ‘elderly’ about her! She has a strong and vibrant spirit and I hope she can now take some comfort in knowing that this perpetrator is off the street.

Bike thefts, bike thefts, bike thefts!! Don’t rely on the locks to keep your bike secure. They are routinely cut and bikes are easy pickins’ here on the Westside, particularly in the multi-unit complexes subterranean parking garages and lots. If you value your bike, keep it inside your condo or apartment. Also, just because your balcony is on the 2nd or 3rd floor, don’t expect that they can’t get up there to steal your bike. We’ve seen it time and time again. For single family residences, keep your bikes locked even within your own garages. Burglars who may have already stolen items from inside your home often times jump on bicycles stolen from the garages to make their getaways. So continue to always lock your bikes, just don’t rely only on that to keep your bike secure.

All the best,

Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray LAPD West Los Angeles Division 310-444-0744

WLA Crime Report for Nov. 20th – December 7th

12000 Wilshire Blvd.
12/16/15, 1010, the suspect (Male, Black, early 40’s) put medication into a bag. When an employee tried to stop him from leaving the suspect used force to move him out of the way and flee with the medications.
ASSAULT OR ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon): 1
12000 Wilshire Blvd. (Criminal Threats)
12/21/15, 1200, the suspect (Male, Black, early 30’s, transient) approached victim with two spears in his hand and threatened to kill the victim for no apparent reason. The victim fled and phoned the police who then took the suspect into custody for Criminal Threats.
1000 Bundy (residential)
12/15/15, 1530-2000, unknown suspect(s) jumped over a neighbor’s fence and entered victim’s house through an unlocked rear door. They removed victim’s property and fled with computer and camera equipment.
100 S. Woodburn (residential)
12/17/15, 0700-2130, unknown suspect(s) smashed victim’s side door, made entry and took victim’s property of currency and credit cards.
1100 Bundy (residential)
12/17/15, 2000 to 12/19/15, 2050, unknown suspect(s) opened victim’s rear bedroom window, and fled out the backdoor after stealing victim’s computer and camera equipment and currency.
11700 Wilshire (commercial)
On 12/20/15, 2200 to 12/21/15, 0145, unknown suspect(s) used a tool to smash the class front door of the business. They entered and removed $300.00 in currency.
500 S. Barrington
12/13/15, 0100 to 12/13/15, 1700, while parked in a secured parking structure, a red 1970, Honda CT70 motorcycle was stolen.
11600 Mayfield
12/16/15, 2130 to 12/17/15, 0600, while parked in a parking structure, another vehicle was broken into and the suspects then found the key to the victim’s ( a friend) vehicle and stole it, a 2013 Chevy Cruz LTZ.
1100 Bundy
12/17/15, 2000 to 12/19/15, 2100, a 2006 Dodge Charger was stolen.
BFMV (Burglary and/or Theft from Motor Vehicle): 12
11600 San Vicente
12/12/15, 1900 to 2030, unknown suspect(s) used unknown type device to unlock victim’s vehicle and steal a massage table valued at $1,000.00
11600 Mayfield
12/16/15, 1000 to 12/17/15, 0630, unknown suspect(s) gained unforced entry into vehicle and ransacked vehicle. They took a key they found to another vehicle (a friend’s) in the garage and stole it.
500 Barrington
12/09/15, 1800 to 12/18/15, 1100, unknown suspect(s) smashed rear window and stole victim’s camera valued at $850.00
11900 Gorham
12/17/15, 1700 to 12/19/15, 2100, unknown suspect(s) accessed the inside of victim’s vehicle through unlocked door and removed wallet and credit cards.
11700 Mayfield
12/18/15, 2300 to 12/19/15, 0900, unknown suspect(s) accessed victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole clothing, jewelry, suitcase, laptop, wallet all valued at $6,000.00
11600 San Vicente
12/18/15, 1500 to 12/21/15, 1212, unknown suspect(s) possibly used a device to access victim’s vehicle and stole $25,000.00 in hair extensions and hair equipment.
1100 Barrinton
12/21/15, 0455, suspect (Male, Unknown, wearing a red beanie, no further info) smashed side window of vehicle and stole a bike that was inside.
600 Barrington
12/23/15, 2130-0945, unknown suspect(s) entered garage and smashed victim’s car window and stole shoes valued at $200.00
500 Barrington
12/24/15, 0900 to 12/27/15, 2030, unknown suspect(s) used a tool to smash front passenger window and stole GPS, currency and sunglasses.
1800 Westridge
12/25/15, 2000 to 2230, unknown suspect(s) removed victim’s purse from unlocked vehicle.
San Vicente/Carmelina
12/26/15, 2200 to 12/27/15 0645, unknown suspect(s) smashed victim’s car window and removed a ski jacket valued at $500.00.
700 Barrington
12/26/15, 1830 to 12/27/15, 1100, suspects (Male, White, in his 30’s and Female, White, in her 20’s with long hair) forced entry into vehicles and removed victim’s property valued at $300.00 Read more

Mike Bonin’s Sunset Traffic Community Workshop

Sunset_TrafficOn February 6, 2016, Councilmember Mike Bonin will convene a meeting of Brentwood residents and area stakeholders to collaborate on creative solutions that will alleviate traffic on Sunset Boulevard.

[From Mike Bonin]

As we all know, traffic congestion on Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood is maddening and infuriating. During rush hour, motorists can spend nearly an hour driving a single mile near the I-405. As a result of the tremendous gridlock, people are arriving late for appointments, parents are losing quality time with their children, and residents feel like they are locked into their neighborhoods for large chunks of the day.

The problem has been getting incrementally worse for decades – but I refuse to believe we can’t make it better.  That’s why I am launching a Sunset Traffic Initiativeand taking three big steps to address the problem.  We are going to focus on unprecedented collaboration, expert analysis, and community input, to come up with proposed solutions, big and small.

Formation of the Sunset Transportation Collaborative
There are many causes of traffic on Sunset Boulevard. One big cause is the number of people going to and leaving from the many wonderful institutions on and near Sunset Boulevard – world class schools, houses of worship, hotels, and museums and cultural centers. To truly make an impact on traffic, these institutions need to work together, share best practices, pool resources, and develop goals for actually reducing the number of Sunset Boulevard trips they generate. That is why I am convening a Sunset Transportation Collaborative, and inviting all the Sunset-area institutions to participate. Already, key institutions have accepted my invitation to participate in the collaborative, including: Paul Revere Middle School, the Getty Center, the Archer School for Girls, St Martin of Tours Catholic Church, the Brentwood Business Improvement District, University Synagogue, Brentwood School, and Mt. Saint Mary’s University. The Collaborative will host its first meeting in early 2016.

I want the collaborative to grow into a genuine Transportation Management Association, a non-profit collaborative that will provide and coordinate transportation services in and around the corridor.  We have seen successful trip reduction through such transportation management plans at Warner Center, UCLA, and more recently in Century City. Through ride-sharing, joint shuttles, coordinated scheduling and more, the number of trips on Sunset Boulevard can be reduced, easing the gridlock we encounter.

Getting Expert Analysis & Advice
In order to solve this problem, we first need to fully understand how two basic foundations of transportation  engineering – street design and traffic signal timing – contribute to traffic on Sunset. To accomplish this important first step, I have asked renowned transportation expert Allyn Rifkin in collaboration with former City of Santa Monica Traffic Engineer Sam Morrissey (now with the transportation systems firm Iteris), to prepare a strategic analysis of the Sunset corridor design and signal timing. This report will help us understand the technical challenges we are facing, including roadway construction, lane markings, and signal timing, and will additionally offer suggestions for improving the corridor. Bringing in fresh, expert eyes to take a look at Sunset Boulevard will be incredibly useful in guiding how we tackle this problem.

Community Charrette
Once the expert analysis is complete, we will share it with the public at a Sunset Traffic Solutions Charrette, to be held in February. This will be your opportunity to evaluate proposed solutions, and suggest your own. This is not going to be a bunch of folks with a PowerPoint presentation talking at you. This will be an interactive, solutions-focused workshop.

We will begin by hearing about proposed solutions from traffic engineers and transportation experts, but we will also workshop different ideas in small groups. I am open to any idea that could help — big and small, general or intersection-specific —  and nothing is off the table for discussion. The charrette will be February 6. Please save the date and CLICK HERE to sign up to receive an invitation.

Sunset Boulevard is not going to miraculously return to the traffic-free street that it might have been a half century or more ago. But it can get better — if we work together, are open to examining all ideas, and commit to finding ways to reducing the number of cars.  I look forward to working with you to make this happen.

Councilmember, 11th District

Bike-sharing program gets going in Santa Monica, Venice; more areas to follow


[From the LA Times] After years of false starts in bringing bike-sharing programs to Los Angeles County, supporters celebrated the launch Thursday of the region’s first fully functioning program serving Santa Monica and neighboring Venice.

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Sunset Lane Reductions This Coming Week

DWP is nearing its completion of a new power circuit for Brentwood This work has spanned almost two years, and involved replacing lines above ground, cables below ground, installing new poles throughout Mandeville Canyon and also three new vaults below ground on Bristol Court.  There are still a few key remaining pieces of work, which need to be completed before the holidays set in. With the cooler temperatures (lower demand for air conditiong) it’s an ideal time to perform the final upgrades. The sooner we get the additional power circuit for Brentwood, the more capacity and flexibility we will have, and the more reliable the power will be for all residents of 90049.
The remaining work will take place at the intersection of Sunset and Bundy, Nov. 12-21. Much of the work will take place after midnight, so as not to exacerbate the Sunset traffic problmes. The two exceptions to that are Saturday, Nov. 14 and Thursday, Nov. 19.The work will take place from Nov. 12 through Nov. 21 at Kenter Ave and Sunset Blvd.  Specifically, Sunset will be reduced to one lane east and one lane west during the following periods:

Sat, Nov 14 – 8:00am to 3:30pm
Thurs, Nov 19 – 9:00am to 3:00pm

Thurs, Nov 12 – Midnight to 6:00am
Tues, Nov 17 – Midnight to 6:00am
Wed, Nov 18 – Midnight to 6:00am

WLA Crime Report for Oct. 7 – Oct. 26

ROBBERY:           0

ASSAULT OR ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon):    2

Montana/San Vicente

On 10/08/15, at 1545, the suspect beat/kicked the victim and then threw a chair and silverware at her. Arrest made.

13000 Sunset Dr

On 10/11/15, at 1200, the suspect was at the victim’s place of employment in violation of a restraining order. The victim confronted the suspect who picked up a brick and threw it at the victim but missed.

BURGLARY:         5

100 N. Church Ln

Between 10/05/15 at 1900, at 10/06/15 at 1500, unknown suspect(s) entered the hotel room by possible key card through the front door and removed passport and clothes, a $250. loss.

11900 Mayfield Ave

Between 10/05/15, at 0600 and 10/06/15, at 2100, unknown suspect(s) entered the apartment parking garage by prying the lock to the front door and removed a bicycle valued at $540.

11900 Mayfield

Between 10/06/15 at 1700 and 10/07/15 at 1000, unknown suspect(s) entered the apartment parking garage by prying the lock to the front door and removed an I-Pad and cash, valued at $425.

2600 Cordelia Rd

On 10/12/15 at 1830 and 10/13/15 and 0830, unknown suspect(s) entered the residence by unknown means. No property taken.

200 26th St. (commercial)

Between 10/14/15 at 1815, and 10/15/15 at 0630, unknown suspect(s) smashed the window of the front door, entered the location, attempted to pry open the locked storage room.  No loss.

GRAND THEFT AUTO:           0

BFMV (Burglary and/or Theft from Motor Vehicle):         4

11600 Sunset Blvd

On 10/07/15, between 1900 and 0700, while parked in an apartment lot, a laptop was stolen.

12300 Montana Ave

On 10/07/15, between 2000 and 0800 the next day, while parked on the street, a MBZ mirrors and speakers were stolen.

11800 Mayfield Ave

On 10/14/15, between 1500 and 0855 the next day, while parked in an apartment garage, a tool valued at $20.00 was stolen.

11900 Montana

On 10/17/15, between 1900 and 0900 the next day, while parked on the street, a laptop was stolen. Read more

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