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Traffic Nightmare on Sunset Blvd. with the Archer Expansion Plan: Petition

Gridlock on Sunset and Barrington

Gridlock on Sunset and Barrington

On February 27, 2014 the  City Planning Department issued the Draft Environmental Report (DEIR) for Archer School’s proposed expansion plan.   The facts make it clear what the negative impact will be to our neighborhood and community.  Archer’s proposed plan proposes a massive expansion that will not only increase the size of the campus, but also increase traffic and set dangerous precedents for other schools that operate with a Conditional Use Permit in a residential area.


Sign our petition to Councilman Mike Bonin to oppose Archer’s proposed

plan and support a downsized alternative.



 LETTER FROM THELMA WAXMAN, Residential Neighbors of Archer

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

I am writing to ask for your support.  On February 27, 2014, the City Planning Department issued the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for Archer School’s proposed expansion plan, Archer Forward.  The facts make it clear what the negative impact will be to our neighborhood and community.  Archer’s current plan proposes a massive expansion that will not only increase the size of the campus, but also increase traffic and set dangerous precedents for other schools that operate with a Conditional Use Permit in a residential area.


This expansion will bring thousands of new car trips to our area.  The Department of Transportation has stated in the DEIR that the proposed project will create SIGNIFICANT impacts at the following intersections:

  • Bundy Drive and Sunset Boulevard
  • Saltair Avenue and Sunset Boulevard
  • Barrington Avenue and Sunset Boulevard
  • Barrington Place and Sunset Boulevard
  • Barrington Avenue and Montana Avenue
  • Barrington Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard

In addition, the Department of Transportation has found that these impacts CANNOT be physically mitigated.  Sunset Boulevard is already gridlocked.  Adding more cars will mean even longer driving times and diminished response times for emergency vehicles.

After enduring four years of construction due to the 405-widening project, Archer is now asking Brentwood to endure six more years of construction.  And once the project is completed, traffic will be forever altered on Sunset as thousands of cars travel to our neighborhood to attend Archer events.


15 years ago The Archer School for Girls chose to move into a residential neighborhood.  Extensive negotiations took place that included the Brentwood Homeowners Association (BHA), neighbors and the school, and resulted in a carefully balanced agreement.  The City put into place restrictions that balanced residents’ rights to the quiet peaceful enjoyment of their homes with the school’s ability to successfully operate.

Now Archer proposes a substantial expansion of the school’s facilities and operations with no commitment to keep the existing use restrictions in place.  If approved, Archer’s proposed project would fundamentally alter the character of the neighborhood and place additional burdens on an already overburdened neighborhood.


Please stand with us and let the City and Councilman Mike Bonin know that you do not support the proposed Archer Forward plan. The Residential Neighbors of Archer, a group of concerned neighbors in the immediate neighborhood around Archer, support an alternative plan that reduces the size and scope of the proposed project as well as traffic and puts less of a burden on the neighborhood.

Please write a letter to the City’s Planning Department and Councilman Mike Bonin that outlines your concerns regarding the proposed project and indicates your support of a downsized alternative.  Please see the bullet points below regarding the proposed project as well as a more reasonable alternative.  Feel free to cut and paste, but be sure to include your personal experience, the years you have lived in the neighborhood and your location in relation to the project.

 The comment period for the Draft EIR ends April 29, 2014.

Please email your letters to:                [email protected]

Adam Villani, City of LA Department of Planning

[email protected]

Councilman Mike Bonin, Council District 11

Please send a copy to:                           [email protected]

Residential Neighbors of Archer

Subject line of letter:                              Oppose Archer Forward Plan As Proposed (ENV-2011-2689-EIR)

Please visit our website at www.archerneighbors.com to sign up for alerts and get more information about the project and to sign our petition (click here).  Thank you for your support and please feel free to forward this email to your friends and neighbors.   And please make sure to send a copy of your letter to [email protected].


Thelma Waxman

Residential Neighbors of Archer

Archer Forward Expansion plan includes the following:

  • Doubling the number of special events allowed in its current Conditional Use
    Permit, which would bring over 20,000 visitors to the campus during the school
  • Allowing outside rental use of the facilities for weddings and private parties for up
    to 200 guests, 24 times a year, Monday through Saturday, 8:00am to 10:00pm;
  • Adding 30 more days of use with a summer school program;
  • Moving the majority of the athletic activities onto campus, thus increasing the
    number of games and visitors coming into our area during peak traffic periods
    (3:30pm to 7:00pm);
  • Constructing a 96,000 square foot underground parking garage to hold, at
    capacity, 282 cars, from its current 109 parking spaces;
  • Building its project in three phases of construction that will last over six years with
    large trucks entering and exiting onto Sunset and smaller residential streets
    from 7:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays 8:00am to
  • Extending the school’s operational hours to include every Saturday from 7:00am
    to 6:00pm, which is currently not allowed;
  • Hosting extracurricular activities until 10:00pm Monday through Friday, requiring
    cars to enter and exit the campus onto Sunset Boulevard during peak hours;
  • Adding lights to the field, setting a precedent for other private schools in the
    Brentwood Community Plan area;
  • Building two gyms instead of one, setting a precedent for other private schools in
    the Brentwood Community Plan area;
  • Doubling the size of the campus by adding over 80,000 additional square feet;
  • Constructing four large scale buildings that could be used at the same time after
    school 3:30pm to 10:00pm

o   a 41,400 sq ft Multi-Purpose Facility that would include two gyms plus
a stage and seating for 600,

o   a 7,400 sq ft Visual Arts Center,

o   a 9,675 sq ft Aquatic Center,

o   a 22,600 sq ft Performing Arts Center with 650 seats, more seats than
the Geffen Playhouse, the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing
Arts Center and the Broad Stage;

  • Tearing down two residences to place over 80,000 square feet of buildings for
    institutional use right next to residential houses;
  • Eliminating substantially all of the critical protections painstakingly negotiated in
    the school’s original Conditional Use Permit (e.g. hours of operation, no lights on
    the field, limited weekend use, setback of proposed gym) without which Archer
    would never have received approval to operate in a quiet residential

Residential Neighbors of Archer support a reasonable alternative that would:

  • Increase the current size of the school by adding two new buildings, not four,
    which includes one gym, and one multi-use building,
  • Expand and renovate the campus within the current footprint of the school, thus
    preserving the two residences and creating a needed buffer between the
    neighbors and the institutional use of the school,
  • Add more landscaping to provide an attractive buffer between the school and
  • Increase the set back of the buildings placed adjacent to Chaparal Street,
  • Maintain the number of special events and athletic events at the current level,
  • Maintain the current condition of no lights on the athletic field,
  • Follow the guidelines of the current Conditional Use Permit regarding hours of
    operation and limits on the use of the facilities at night, on the weekends and for
    outside use,
  • Improve the school’s facilities with only one phase of construction.

Comments (3)

  1. Larry Gilman

    I oppose this petition. It is not Archer that is or has caused the traffic problems on Sunset. You have 4 other schools that actually pile up the cars on Sunset. You have badly managed lights at the entrances to the 405 and on Barrington and Barrington Place.
    Look at traffic police to coordinate the movement of traffic at the worst times. 3-5 pm.
    A lot of this has been promoted by a few people around Archer. Archer has a bus program. Always has. Does St. Martin of the Tours. No. Does the Day School for little people. No. Does Brentwood Elementary, Jr. and Sr. High.
    No. Only Kenter elementary has one. Archer isn’t the one to pick on. It is the conglomeration of all the schools, very little policing of the other schools and the 405 improvements and the use of Sunset to get to the 405.
    It is not Archer. Do not be misled.

    • Frank

      I agree, Archer is not the problem. If you look at the traffic studies, Archer only accounts for 3% of the traffic on Sunset. Their new proposal does NOT increase enrollment, and only adds things that most schools already have, updated classrooms, a gym and regulation fields. I’m much more concerned with the Brentwood School plan, which calls for three times the size of construction, more students and no bus plan.

    • Steve

      Mr. Gillman:

      Like Archer, you leave out important facts that don’t suit your argument, like your association with the school!

      According to several online sources, the construction alone will bring over 200,000 vehicle trips to the area. Six years of construction after the 405 improvements is untenable.

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