September 12, 2014 Alan Finkel

Wendell Brown, the homeless poet of Brentwood, dead at 69


Wendell Brown, everyone’s favorite homeless poet in Brentwood, has died.

Wendell was a Brentwood fixture for years, selling poems he wrote from the sidewalk just in front of Vicente Foods and Pharmaca.

Wendell was known for his positive demeanor and upbeat philosophy of life.

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  1. Michaela

    We will miss Wendell Brown, my family and I, driving past him two to four, sometimes six times a day, and stopping on the North side to say hello, buy a poem, share some food or water with him, receive a compliment from him. He taught my children about grace under pressure, about humility and true beauty, about sharing his art with others, about living authentically with the hand life dealt to him. We noticed he wasn’t there the last days and when the children saw the sign of his passing, they were misty eyed faster than I could even compute that we would not be seeing Wendell Brown at his special spot, any more. Sadness, and yet joyful memories of his cheerful demeanor, and grace.

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