July 1, 2016 Alan Finkel

July Public Safety Update

Video Cameras Resulted in More Arrests Last Month

A team of 4 thieves who focused on cutting catalytic converters from underneath cars were arrested in Brentwood in late June after home security video cameras caught them in the act. It took only 90 seconds for them to crawl under a vehicle, cut converter and leave the scene. Each converter retails for $1200-2000 each.

The LAPD recommends Prius owners to buy a catalytic converter cover, as those cars were targeted.

New Homeless Habitat/Encampment City Law on Books:

MC5611 was recently passed by the City Council and changes the primary City intervention department for homeless encampments from the LAPD to the Sanitation Department. This circumvents the multiple injunctions against the LAPD regarding interacting with the homeless. Now, the process will entail posting notices 2 days before the Sanitation Department is set to clean up a specific encampment. The homeless are allowed to keep 60 gal of personal belongings. Anything else on public or trespassed property will be thrown away by sanitation department. Resisting the process can result in arrest.

The first use of this process was Monday, May 27 at the Ohio & Cotner intersection. All homeless left the area as directed and it was cleaned up. The LAPD offered shelter information and other social services, all of which was declined.

Misdemeanor Diversion Program

The City Attorney of Los Angeles has agreed to provide all non-violent misdemeanor offenders with an option for diversion and restitution before being charged with a crime. Early results show a decrease is recidivism with this program and it has been rolled out to 6 locations throughout the City.

Overall crime stats are down for Brentwood. Reminder to lock windows and doors in hot weather and please do not leave anything visible in your car.