September 7, 2016 Alan Finkel

Preserve LA: Learn More About The Movement

L.A.’s planning system is broken. The process is controlled by deep-pocketed developers and powerful politicians to serve their own self-interests. This rigged system pushes forward luxury mega-projects that cause traffic gridlock, the destruction of neighborhood character, and the displacement of longtime residents, including senior citizens on fixed budgets.

The Coalition to Preserve L.A. and its supporters are saying no more. We believe that the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is our best hope to ensure that local residents have greater voice in how their communities grow and develop by enacting the following reforms.

This citizen initiative will:

  • Preserve neighborhoods by preventing developers from building as big and dense as they want, no matter how much this harms the community
  • Make the City Council do its job, by creating a rational citywide plan for Los Angeles, called a General Plan, with updated Community Plans tied directly to infrastructure limitations, true population figures and community desires
  • Make city officials prove that each community has enough water, good roads and safety services to handle changes along transit lines and other streets being planned by City Hall
  • Institute a protective 2-year timeout that stops the Los Angeles City Council from its current practice of spot zoning – bending the rules to approve mega-projects and inappropriate development that destroys neighborhood character and displaces longtime residents and businesses. This timeout doesn’t stop development that adheres to zoning, nor does it affect downzoning, for such things as parks. It affects only OVERdevelopment, not Development
  • Protect affordable housing projects by exempting those developments from the 2-year timeout
  • Bans developers from writing their own self-serving “Environmental Impact” reports, an obvious conflict of interest that is used against communities as an unfair tool of overdevelopment

We are not opposed to growth and change; we understand that these are inevitable. But what’s not inevitable is reckless and irresponsible development by a handful of politically connected developers and their army of lobbyists, attorneys and PR consultants.

We believe in development that is responsible and respects the priorities and values of local residents and we urge you to support the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative when it appears on the ballot in March 2017.

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