May 15, 2017 Alan Finkel

President’s Report 2017

  • Safety continues to be the number one problem in Brentwood Park. Thieves seen  on security cameras during the night wearing  black hoods ,face guards, gloves, climb fences, are bold and even open cars parked in driveways behind closed gates. With only a single police car from the 405 to Malibu to protect the residents of the Park, the BPPOA spends over 80% of dues for ACS patrol service 24 hrs/7 day.
  • Maintaining the beauty of the Park is high priority.  Tax-deductible donations to the BBPOA  Beautification Fund, California Community Foundation, 445 South Figueroa, Suite 3400, Los Angeles, CA 90071  pay for spraying of trees to prevent fungus and other diseases, care of coral trees on Findlater Circle, and pear trees on the north side of San Vicente.
  • A most pressing problem continues to be some developers who cut and clear very large and mature trees to build large houses.  The most recent problem is the lack of maintenance of the six Medians/Circles in the Park by the City which did not renew a landscape contract for medians throughout the City.


The Anawalt Traffic Island/Circle Dedication Ceremony occurred on May 13, 2017.


Many years ago there was a very large intersection at the corner of Hanover and Rockingham. The owners of the North East corner property petitioned the city to take over a portion of the road to attach to their property. Despite objections from Brentwood Park the city allowed them to take over part of the roadway and what you can now see is artificial turf in the area that used to be part of the road. We recognized that there was one large intersection left in the Park which was at the corner of Avondale and Hanover. It would have been very easy for the two houses on the north corners to ask the city also to attach property and end up having the intersection be a tiny intersection such as Avondale and Evanston. We developed a good relationship with the Department of Transportation and requested that they consider putting a traffic circle in the intersection of Avondale and Hanover. They agreed and drew up preliminary plans for a circle to be put in that intersection. However, some members of the Board wanted a private consultant to evaluate the situation and draw up the circle plans. After almost a year delay, the consultant came to look at the intersection and discuss the issues. After another long delay with no response from the consultant we were notified that he had died. By this time, it was 2007 and the city had run out of money because of the financial disasters going on at the time. They no longer were willing to fund the circle but were willing to put up stop signs and painted triangles to maintain the large intersection. Then in 2013 Patty Anawalt decided to dedicate the Circle to her beloved husband Richard. However Patty fell ill a year ago and passed away rather suddenly. Her sons and daughter graciously agreed to fund the circle in honor of their parents’ long residence and love of walking the Park. Annette and Tom took over the responsibility of getting Plans prepared, approved by the city, and constructing the circle. Brentwood Park now has a preserved large intersection and another beautifully landscaped circle. Anita and larry miller

  • We want to thank Anita Miller and Dr. Larry Miller for their many years of service on the Board of Directors. See earlier Post honoring the Millers for their many years of service to Brentwood Park.
  • Chairs of the six standing committees (Communication/Membership, Film, Land Use, Security, Traffic, and Tree) invite you to volunteer your talents toward  making the Park one of the best places to live in California, and many of us would say the world. Scientific evidence demonstrates that giving makes one “feel good”. Use this therapeutic treatment and join your volunteer Board of Directors in feeling good.