May 15, 2017 Alan Finkel

Dr. Lawrence and Anita Miller Stepping Away from the Board of Directors


Larry and Anita Miller have served on the Board of Directors of the Brentwood Park property owners Association for many years. Larry also served for several years as co-president. They moved into the Park on Burlingame Avenue in the spring of 1977. Larry worked as a physician specializing in rehabilitation and geriatrics both at UCLA where he is a clinical professor of medicine and at a large rehabilitation center in the Valley. Anita was busy taking care of six children.

In addition to many accomplishments that they made while members of the Board they were concerned about issues before even joining. After a few years of living on Burlingame they noticed a high rate of car accidents on the corner of Burlingame and Sunset. At that time, there was no traffic light. They worked with the city to put in the traffic light. The next thing they noticed was that there are was no way to walk on Sunset Boulevard between Mandeville Canyon and Cliffwood. They worked with the Council office and had the city install the sidewalk.

In the in the late 1980s a new house was built on Burlingame Avenue and the owners started having frequent movie shoots. All the large movie trucks that we now see on San Vicente were being parked in the Park. Larry joined the film committee and had meetings with the city and film LA. He developed guidelines for movie shooting in the Park. They started the custom of asking the companies doing film shoots to make contributions to Brentwood Park beautification fund. The film companies were required to work closely with the film chair to minimize the impact on the neighbors.

Brentwood Park had a website but it was for informational purposes only. Larry and Anita worked with a software programmer to develop an improved website that would maintain all membership data including history of dues payment on the website. Also  the program allowed the printing of mailing address labels. The software could also send notices to members via email.

Larry and Anita joined the LAPD community police advisory board and traffic committee of West Los Angeles. They came up with the idea to preserve the last open intersection at Hanover and Avondale and had the city develop preliminary plans for a circle at that intersection. To help reduce speeding in the park they spent several years to get the speed limit on Burlingame Avenue reduced from 30 miles an hour to 25 miles an hour. For some reason, this had to be approved by the California legislature. They also were able to get the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to change their policy of not putting up stop signs to slow traffic. Now there are many four-way stop signs in the neighborhood. They had the city put up no left turn signs at the Rockingham and Sunset intersection.

About 15 years ago there was a rash of burglaries throughout the Westside. They took over the security committee and started the first eight hour patrol service with SSS. At the same time, they developed a neighborhood watch program in the Park. They also were able to get neighborhood watch signs installed at all the entrances to the Park, the first Westside neighborhood to get the signs approved by the city. Serving on the community advisory board of the LAPD, they knew that the best deterrent for crimes and burglaries was to have presence of patrol cars. They made the proposal to increase patrol service to 16 hours a day and raise dues to cover the costs. Despite fierce opposition by some Board members, 16 hour patrol service was instituted. Presently, we have 24 hour patrol service through ACS.

Even though they are no longer on the Board, Anita and Larry promise to continue to participate in projects that will improve the quality of life for residents of Brentwood Park.