August 13, 2017 Alan Finkel

Klose By Introduction

You’re sure someone showed you how to do it at one time, but now you’re frantically running around the house and trying to remember. Water! Gas! Electricity! “Where’s the shut-off valve?!” How do I prepare for an earthquake, and what do I do afterwards?
We used to write down our action plans and tape them to the fridge. Times have changed. We now carry mobile devices with us 24/7.  This is where our new action plans should live.
BPPOA is proud to announce the launch of a new emergency preparedness application for our community. The mobile app, for Android and Apple, is called Klose By. Go to Brentwood Park’s Klose By App website HERE
Klose By has all of this information at your fingertips. Prepared by your city and homeowners association, and accessible to residents even when power and primary communication services are both down.
Klose Byhas every contact detail, every survival instruction, and every means for you to stay constantly informed in one application. Klose By gathers municipal, state, and federal content, with links back to the original source.
 Klose Byis the last (and best) resort social network when all else fails.  All emergency preparedness content remains on your mobile device (with backups to the Apple and Dropbox)
In the coming days and weeks we will provide you with an abundance of vital emergency preparedness content that you can add to your Klose By App.
First thing you should do is download the app to your mobile device. Just having the app on your phone or tablet allows you receive important content from block captains and association members after an emergency. Next, go to our Klose By website using you phone or tablet. We have created a great set of Klose By emergency preparedness content for you. Just click on the Klose By Card images to place them into your App. Remember, do this using your mobile device.
In addition, we will be providing YouTube tutorials and How-to articles to make the most out of this powerful app. Check back here frequently.