The Security Committee continues to monitor security in the Park. A large portion of your membership dues are used to fund patrol service provided by ACS Security Industries. ACS Security’s hours of patrol in the Park are 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  As a BPPOA member, you receive this 24/7 security protection free of charge.  Please note that separate alarm monitoring services are available from all vendors, at the discretion of each homeowner.

We believe that the partrol continues to act as a great deterent for crime and helps keep our neighborhood safe. As the Westside (Bel Air to the ocean) has only one LAPD patrol car, our own 24/7 ACS Security patrol car is very important.

Our Senior Lead Officer is Maria Gray of the Los Angeles Police Department. Officer Gray can be reached at (310) 444-0744 or via email at [email protected]

Patrolling services provided by ACS are free of charge only for current dues paying households. Please note that separate alarm monitoring services are available from all vendors, at the discretion of each homeowner.

Homeowners are reminded, if they have not yet done so, to (1) direct their alarm monitoring company to notify ACS in the event of an alarm and (2) complete and return ACS’s new emergency information and consent form in order for ACS to respond to their alarms.

For the convenience of homeowners, this form is also available at It can be mailed (100 Bel Air Rd, LA, CA 90077), faxed ( 310-441-0064) , or scanned and sent to ACS electronically ([email protected] ).

Safety Tips
• Stay alert to strange persons or activities in the Park and report them immediately to the LAPD and your Security Company
• Install a security system, including interior sensors and use it at all times
• Keep lights on inside your home after dark. Use timers when you are out of town.
• Leave a radio (tuned to a talk radio station) on when you are out.
• Retrieve your trash cans after they have been emptied.
• Lock your doors and windows, and turn on your alarm when you leave your home.
• Keep your cars locked at all times.
• Cancel your daily newspapers and make arrangements for your mail when you are away.
• Call your Security Company to arrange for a vacation watch that includes daily foot patrol around your house.

The Brentwood Neighbors Network
The Brentwood Neighbors Network that is designed to alert the community concerning actual or potential criminal activity that is overseen by Judith Huelett.

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