In 2010 there was a reduction in building projects with most being completed,  and very little new construction.  The Committee witnessed a dramatic drop in request for relief from the zoning and building code.

All of the RA zoned lots in the Park, about 430, have been rezoned to RE20. The 60 plus RE11 lots remain the same in an area bounded roughly by Evanston on the south, Barrington on the east, Marlboro on the north and on the west Avondale south to Hanover thence west to South Rockingham and south to 26th Street and south to Evanston. Only those lots enclosed by above space are in the RE11 zone.  We mention this because there is little but some difference in zoning requirements between the two zones.
The Baseline Mansionization Ordinance has been in effect for over two years in the area south of Sunset and a year and a half north of Sunset.  During this time there have been no requests for relief from the new zoning code requirements.

In order to better evaluate the full scope of development in the Park, we must be kept informed in all cases of new development so that the Association can take appropriate action as needed, as early as possible.  We urge each homeowner to notify the Committee or Board when approached by a neighbor for his signature to an application for variance, adjustment, slight modification or other land use request that seeks relief from City Zoning requirements.  We will fully explain the effects these changes will have on your property and neighborhood, as well as clarify any issues raised.  We all want to be good neighbors, but you and your neighbors will have to live with each building that varies from the zoning laws for a long time.

We want to remind all of our members that if you plan to build anything on your property, you will need a permit from the City.  The Department of Building and Safety requires permits that run the gamut from replacing roofs to adding an electric circuit.  The Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering oversees the requirement for a revocable permit to encroach into the street right-of-way or border area, an unpaved area in front of every home in the Park.  The Street Tree Division requires permits, available by phone, to trim, remove, plant or for you to look at any tree in the border area.  The Street Services Division is the place to go to file a complaint regarding any construction in the border area, large trash bins left in the street – they need a permit – or fix a pot-hole.
Land Use Committee members will help you interact and negotiate with the City, however it is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain the permit.  The Committee members strive to provide timely guidance and assistance to property owners and their representatives on any construction project.
The Land Use Committee members are a dedicated group of your neighbors who seek to maintain the beauty of Brentwood Park.

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  1. Re: 221 South Cliffwood

    We have two questions:
    1. Currently, there are DWP power lines running diagonally across the rear yard. Because the rear lots lines do not run in a straight line, DWP ran them pole to pole across the property. Would BPPOA support the installation of a new power pole so that the power lines could run along the property lines rather than across a property which raises public safety issues.
    2. We would like to confirm what the front yard setback will be. Will it be LADBS prevailing or do you have another dimension to use?

    Thank you for your prompt reply.
    Winston Chappell 310 899 9356

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