car on rural roadWe are all very fortunate to live in such a beautiful community and one that is in such high demand. Home sales are brisk and the level of construction activity appears to be continuous. Unwittingly, problems are being created in the area by the influx of traffic and, more specifically, parked construction vehicles on both sides of the street. This is of particular concern on Cliffwood, both north and south of Sunset, as it is a narrow street and the only artery with a light for all Park homeowners north of Sunset. Even with courteous nods and patience, it is becoming very difficult and sometimes dangerous to negotiate the street with cars parked on both sides and the current level of traffic.

The Traffic Committee offers some recommendations to those of you with construction projects for the safety, convenience and courtesy we know you want to extend to your neighbors.

1. Please notify the neighbors on either side of you and across the street that you are about to undertake construction. Provide them with the name and number of someone they can call (i.e., a project manager, foreman, etc.) if something unanticipated should occur. Conversely, when lodging a complaint with a neighbor, try to assume that whatever the indiscretion, it was not likely intentional.

2. Use your own property for parking as many vehicles as you possibly can, particularly if the project is on a large lot and/or with a large driveway, in order to alleviate the cramped access created on the street. For those vehicles that cannot be accommodated on your property, please ask your workmen to park on one side of the street only, even if that means parking further from the site or on a side street.

3. Try to avoid parking in front of people’s mailboxes. Nobody should have to miss a mail delivery.

4. If work crews seek the comfort and shade of front lawns for lunch, please be sure they pick up after themselves. Let your General Contractor know that this should apply to the job site both in front of and behind the gates.

5. Please abide by code restrictions with respect to work hours. Weekday construction is allowed to begin at 7am, not before.

While none of this is rocket science, the stresses and distractions created by construction projects can leave some of these details overlooked. The Traffic Committee would just like to raise all of our sensitivities to maintain a terrific community for everyone.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

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