Why Belong to BPPOA?

An annual investment of $450 provides Brentwood Park Property Owners’ Association (“BPPOA”) members with more than a 100% return in services and social events! The security and beauty of the park do not just “happen”; your directors and committee members volunteer time and efforts to:

  •  Assure our safety and security
  •  Maintain the ambiance and beauty of our unique residential area
  •  Control filming in the park areas
  •  Alleviate traffic problems
  •  Encourage a neighborly and friendly atmosphere
  •  Interact with City Officials on behalf of the Park Residents
  •  Access to the website and all it’s information and links
The Gilberts and Mary Ann Lewis

The Gilberts and Mary Ann Lewis

Bunny Feuer reads Vee's poem

Bunny Feuer

Sidne Erdosi remembers Vee

BPPOA hosts and participates in annual events to build community cohesion and representation in local government. Such annual events are:

  • Members Annual Meeting in February
  • October Fiesta
  • City Officials Dinner

Want to meet your neighbors? Eager to develop friendships with Park residents? For many years, BPPOA has provided its members with social groups for all ages and interests. Please check out the:

  •  Lunch Brunch Groups –
    There are five Park Ladies’ Luncheon groups, each with twelve women as permanent members.  Vickie Pushee and Joan Bram have “shepherded” the groups since their organization.  Monthly get together luncheons are held in members’ homes, country club or local restaurants. If you are interested in creating a new Luncheon Group, please send an email to [email protected]  Someone from BPPOA will contact you to assist your efforts in forming a new Luncheon Group.
  •  Neighborhood Coffee Hours –
    Every month, Brentwood Park women meet at Monthly Coffee Groups to discuss topics of interest, socialize and enjoy good food.
    Interested in forming or joining a Coffee Group?  Send an email to [email protected]
  •  MNM (Mothers’ Networking Meetings) Group

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