ACS is our New Patrol Company for BPPOA

In an effort to expand security patrolling of the neighborhood to round-the-clock service (up from 16 hours previously), while minimizing costs to homeowners, in 2012 the BPPOA Board put the neighborhood security-patrolling contract up for competitive bid. Multiple vendors submitted bids and negotiations ensued.  After much evaluation and discussion, the Board decided to switch the patrolling contract from SSS Security to ACS Security Industries, Inc. The new vendor offered the best competitive and timely bid, including full, 24-hour service, the closest dispatch center to the Park (Bel Air), on-line patrol car locator capabilities.

The new patrolling services provided by ACS are free of charge for current dues paying households.  Please note that separate alarm monitoring services are available from all vendors, at the discretion of each homeowner.

Homeowners are reminded, if they have not yet done so, to (1) direct their alarm monitoring company to notify ACS in the event of an alarm and (2) complete and return ACS’s new emergency information and consent form in order for ACS to respond to their alarms.

You may scan and email this document back to ACS using this email address at [email protected]


ACS Patrol Services:

ACS Security officers provide assistance and protection in many unique ways. They include:

  • Investigating suspicious vehicles or individuals in your neighborhood
  • Watching for fires in surrounding hillsides or homes
  • Conducting patrols to discourage intruders
  • Monitoring camera feeds that record local entry and exit
  • Reporting burned out street lights or signals
  • Providing traffic control at area accidents
  • Reuniting lost pets with owners
  • Reporting downed trees or debris after storms
  • Reporting leaky water mains
  • Prompt reporting of graffiti
  • Removing illegally placed signs
  • Maintaining relationships with local police and fire departments
    for familiarity with current local crime/event trends

ACS Contact Information

You may reach ACS at:

100 Bel-Air Road
Los Angeles, CA 90077
Phone: (310) 475-9016
Fax: (310) 441-0064
Email: [email protected]

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